Hail Damage Repair & Insurance Claim Assistance


  • Roof Replacement
  • Gutter replacement
  • Deck staining
  • Copper awning replacement
  • Window Screen Replacement
  • Insurance Claim Assistance


There are no guarantees when dealing with insurance companies. That is why we are dedicated in educating our customers for clear next steps if things don’t go the way they should. That is exactly what happened in this situation. Upon the first inspection it was evident that there was clear damage caused to this home from hail damage in the spring of 2017. In fact, many of the neighbors in the area had already had replacements to that date. Needless to say, upon this adjustment, things didn’t go our way, and the homeowner was denied what was fairly owed by their insurance company. These things do happen, and unfortunately this isn’t unheard of or rare. We never recommend an insurance claim on a whim and sometimes setbacks happen.


Knowing this and dealing with it so often, we always leave adjustments without an argument, but we have a contingency plan. We enlisted the help with our partnered licensed insurance professionals at Spartan Claims.


The claim was then reopened and the homeowner was given the proper attention they should have received from the beginning. They were awarded a new roof, gutter replacement, deck staining, a new copper awning, and many screens that were damaged by hail. Most homeowners don’t deal with these issues very often or at all. It’s very satisfying to help assist in situations like these having the tools we’ve obtained over time. The insurance company originally paid $1,200 for a “repair”. When Spartan was finished representing the homeowner they were able to secure $22,000 to properly complete the needed repairs that was originally owed from the insurance company.

Sarah Govert
Since we had never filed an insurance claim or replaced a roof, we wanted to go with a personal recommendation. Russell Hill was referred to us by a neighbor and we were very happy with the professionalism and attention to detail that was provided by Ramsey. Ramsey met with the insurance adjuster and was able to show him the areas of concern- the adjuster even commented that Ramsey was very easy to work with compared to other companies. We were explained the process by both the adjuster and Ramsey and felt comfortable moving forward. The roof was installed on the date promised. Naturally, due to weather there were minor changes, but Ramsey always kept us updated. The roof, gutters and…

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