Water Leak, Wind, and Hail Damage Repair


  • Roof Replacement
  • Full Gutter Replacement
  • Insurance Claim Assistance


Many times, when we are invited to customers homes we hear horror stories about past issues with insurance companies or contractors. This homeowner had been told twice in the past by roofers/contractors that they indeed had damage to their roof that would necessitate replacement. Unfortunately, on both occasions, this did not pan out and they were seemingly put through the ringer. Needless to say, the home owner was skeptical towards anyone that referenced damage to their home. Luckily, we were referred to this customer from their neighbor, whom we had just helped with a previous claim, the transition was warm and unsolicited.


We quickly confirmed there was indeed damage caused by both wind and hail. Though cautious, they were convinced of the damage to their home based on the photos we shared with them from our initial inspection. Not only were we successful in replacing the roof with the insurance company, but we also found damage to the gutters for a full replacement also covered by the insurance company. We are very confident in our abilities. We love to help customers that have been unfairly treated in the past.


We are very proud to be a company that people can depend on or recommend instead of the status quo there seems to be in the roofing community. Since we’ve finished the work on the claim, this particular homeowner has also entrusted us in many other projects to the home, and we look forward to working with them down the road.

Terrific experience. Ramsey Furniss came over to inspect my roof and discovered there was wind damage. He felt an insurance claim was justified. He coordinated brilliantly with the insurance adjuster to make sure the claim was properly handled. He also was able to make the justification in the insurance claim for new decking because the old decking was not to code. This is something the contractor who did my roof in 2006 missed. The job went well and Ramsey & Joe (owners) did all they promised and then some. I especially found their crews to be friendly and professional. I would definitely hire them again and am recommending them to my friends.

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